High-Speed ISOBUS – Presenting the Next Generation of ERICH JAEGER

Mar 21, 2018

ISOBUS is the system that links and controls tractors with control units, attachments, and agricultural software. Isolated solutions will soon be a thing of the past – in the future, all applications will be standardized by ISOBUS.

Nearly 16 years after its system was standardized in ISO 11783, ERICH JAEGER presented a model study (proposal) for the next ISOBUS generation. Based on your requests, the high-speed ISOBUS socket will master the high data transfer rates required for M2M communication, electronic support and diagnosis functions, or real-time video systems. At 1 Gbit/s, data transmission rates are achieved that are otherwise possible only with powerful Ethernet networks. This corresponds to a 4000x gain in performance with the current system.

In 2015, ERICH JAEGER launched an improved version of the ISOBUS socket (IBBC) on the market based on incoming analyses from ageing systems, as well as on close collaboration with the agroindustry, whose valuable knowledge from field tests was incorporated into the development process. Developed from the ground up, the new system strictly complies with both the standard ISO 11783 and customer-specific requirements. The socket, along with also newly developed plugs and attachments, is also compatible with all other solutions available on the market.