Watertight 13P/12V EXPERT built-in socket - according to ISO 11446

Jul 6, 2017

The new fully-integrable 13P/12V Expert trailer socket by ERICH JAEGER with new mounting points for assembly in or on the ball neck are once again the benchmark for the plug-in connection between car and trailer.

The double contact system in combination with the single wire seals makes it impossible to avoid moisture into the vehicle‘s onboard network, even discharging a sport boat into the water can master our  suspension socket without difficulty (sealing up to 1m water depth).

The plug-in system meets all requirements of OEMs in the automotive industry. Smallest dimensions, a highly flexible 90° cable outlet and an optional reed switch round off the performance spectrum of this new generation.


  • watertight (IPX7 / IPX9K)
  • double contact protection
  • flexible positioning
  • universally compatible (in trailer hitch or mounting plate)
  • easy construction
  • optional with reed switch