Responsibility for the Environment

Following our commitment in the area of environmental protection our company was successfully certified according to ISO 14001 to steadily assure our high standard.

The following environmental guidelines are binding for us:

  • Environmental protection is part of our company strategy. We commit ourselves strongly to active environmental protection, fire prevention, and maintenance of industrial health and safety.
  • We are obliged to follow legal as well as customer requirements.
  • Our products may not endanger human beings or the environment before, during and after handling.
  • We strive for continuous improvements of our environmental performance through optimisation of our processes, methods and the appropriate use of materials and products.
  • We introduced the annual audit according to ISO 14001 to make our contribution to environmental protection as an obligation to our customers, employees, fellow citizens and future generations.
  • We inform about the development of our management system in our annual environmental report.