Flasher unit

The flasher unit, often called “flasher relay”, controls the flashing impulse of the vehicle’s flasher. A defect of the flashing light is signalized by a change of the flashing frequency of the indicator lamps. When towing a trailer, the original flashing unit normally is replaced by a flashing unit with C2 function, and an additional indicator lamp is installed in the combination instrument.

When exchanging the flasher unit, the connecting panel of the original flasher unit has to be considered. Three different models are common in the market (European, Japanese and French connecting panel).


The replacement of the flasher unit becomes more and more obsolete as the function is no longer carried out by a separate flashing unit cube, but is integrated into the vehicle supply system control device or into the vehicle specific switch for the hazard warning lights. In such cases, a wiring harness kit containing “Jaegertronic” is to be installed.