Universal wiring harness kit

A universal wiring harness kit is applicable in different vehicle models and types. Dependent on vehicle dimension, an expert has to individually adapt the wiring harness to each vehicle. The universal wiring harness kit features the following attributes:

  • An expert has to determine the vehicle cable to which the wiring harness can be connected via snap lock connector. While connecting, the expert has to consider the cable width to avoid cable damage.
  • Control devices, socket and passage grommets are designed for a broad functional and geometrical area. Cable lengths are planned generously. Adaptations of the wiring harness kit by an expert may be necessary due to vehicle-specific features. The installation material covers every standard installation. Vehicle-specific requirements have to be supplemented by additional material.
  • The installation manual describes a standardized installation procedure. Vehicle-specific features are not indicated separately. An expert should carry out the installation.