Trailer connector 13-pin according to ISO 11446 "JAEGER-System"

The 13-pin trailer connector was developed by ERICH JAEGER in collaboration with the German automobile industry and has become an international standard.

The system stands for high durability and is waterproof according to IP 54k. Easy handling is guaranteed due to the bayonet coupling.

In contrast to the 7-pin system according to ISO 1724, this system offers the possibility to serve all lighting functions of a trailer, caravan or a carrier for the vehicle’s rear end. Moreover, when used for a caravan, additional functionalities and electric power supply can be transferred to the towed vehicle.


ERICH JAEGER recommends the 13-pin wiring harness kit as it serves all purposes and, with its waterproof construction, protects the electronics of the supply system of modern motor vehicles.

Trailer connector 7-pin according to ISO 1724

This low-priced plug-in connection is the ideal solution when it comes to uncomplex applications like supplying a simple trailer.

This plug-in connection cannot be used if:

  • the caravan needs steady plus or charging line.
  • the reversing light of trailer or caravan has to be energized.
Trailer control device

Trailer control devices are control devices which partly or fully energize the lighting of the trailer. The control device and the trailer’s lights are fed by clamp 30 (steady plus). If a vehicle does not have check-control, the flasher as well as the rear fog light is lead across the control device to minimize the load on the vehicle supply system. If a vehicle does have check-control, the complete trailer lighting is fed by the control device (clamp 30). In such a case, an exchange of the flasher unit is not necessary.

Trailer identification

Via the trailer identification, the control device communicates to the towing vehicle whether a trailer is coupled or not. The trailer identification is used for flasher monitoring, rear fog light cut-off or deactivation of the parking assistance system.

The ERICH JAEGER trailer control device carries out the trailer identification electronically after analyzing the coupled load of the trailer lighting.

Alternatively, the trailer identification can be carried out mechanically by a micro switch (switch with „normally closed” or “normally open” function), which can be integrated into the trailer socket.